Major Class Action Lawsuit Against Great Western Buildings

A class action lawsuit seeking millions in damages has been filed this week against national construction firm Great Western Buildings, alleging willful negligence and fraud tied to structural defects in thousands of residences.

Led by legal firm Hanson & Walsh, the plaintiffs aim to represent homeowners in 14 states who discovered pervasive roof and foundational issues upon moving into new Great Western developments, many now uninhabitable. The suit further looks to uncover what Great Western executives knew about internal quality control failures and when, claiming broad willful deception of buyers already facing ruinous repair costs.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed

This week prominent boutique litigation firm Hanson & Walsh filed a nation-spanning class action lawsuit targeting major home builder Great Western Buildings over what the plaintiffs allege is systemic negligence and fraud that has rendered newly built houses unsafe and uninhabitable.

The lawsuit outlines failings including widespread structural issues such as cracked foundations and collapsed roofs stemming from cut corner construction practices and shoddy materials. With repairs often topping six figures per home, the plaintiffs argue Great Western knowingly deceived buyers, falsely advertising safe new properties while aware of internal data showing major defects.

The class action suit aims to represent all US homeowners still under initial warranty who purchased new build Great Western homes, which is estimated to include over 5,000 households across 14 states where Great Western does business. The plaintiffs are demanding the maximum financial restitution allowable to the affected homeowners deemed sufficient for full property repairs or buyouts plus additional punitive damages against Great Western for willful deception.

Great Western Buildings Lawsuit Denies Fault

Great Western Buildings quickly issued statements denying all claims of the class action lawsuit. The company called accusations of fraud or negligent quality extremely irresponsible given Great Western has been providing what it stands behind as outstanding new homes in communities nationwide for over 20 years. Great Western further suggests isolated incidents of any defects would fall under normal covered warranty policies rather than reflect some broader failing as alleged.

Great Western Buildings Lawsuit Denies Fault

While denying the lawsuit’s premise, Great Western did vow to vigorously contest what its legal team calls exaggerated claims in court to clear the respected builder’s reputation. Yet simultaneously, Great Western also attempted to assure any impacted homeowners that their “family” remains committed to making things right even while rejecting the notion of damages deserving of a sweeping suit.

Trial and Ruling

The class action lawsuit against Great Western Homes figures to be a prolonged legal affair given the builder’s determination to fight back against charges involving thousands of homes across many states. Complicated engineers’ assessments of root causes for defects will likely come into play during arguments attempting to confirm or refute claims of systematic corner cutting. Per legal experts, a trial may still run 12-18 months out as investigations unfold.

Ultimately the strength of evidence around willful negligence in contrast to Great Western’s insistence upon isolated incidents will determine if a favorable ruling or settlement for plaintiffs emerges. Those impacted anxiously await accountability so critical home repairs may proceed.

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Resolution and Impact

How the lawsuit against Great Western proceeds and eventually resolves promises massive implications for both plaintiffs and defendant. A final decision upholding broad negligence could bankrupt the builder through punitive damages and repair costs. Yet homeowners dealt emotional and financial distress face extended limbo should Great Western maintain no overarching deficiencies exist across its properties.

Beyond the case itself, the claims may spur probes into quality oversight across the expansive new home construction industry. Few doubt thousands more unfamiliar with legal recourse are impacted by other builder’s cut corners while dreaming of a safe roof over their heads. The Great Western lawsuit provides a test case for accountability.

A few other notable class action lawsuits that have impacted the construction industry:

A few other notable class action lawsuits that have impacted the construction industry:
  • Centex Homes faced a major suit in the 1990s over failing foundations related to poor soil testing and preparation
  • Lennar Corporation battled a class action this decade surrounding widespread plumbing and drainage defects in new properties
  • PulteGroup contended with angry homeowners in 2021 over environmental hazard materials like asbestos and lead paint found in units marketed as luxury

Beyond the Headlines:

The launching of this major nationwide class action seeking damages against prominent home builder Great Western Buildings made immediate mainstream news this week. Yet behind the attention-grabbing lawsuit alleging broad negligence and deception are the distressing stories of thousands of families now potentially displaced or facing severe financial jeopardy after discovering major structural issues in new properties they invested life savings into.

From retired couples suddenly upside down on crumbling dream retirement houses to young parents terrified for toddlers inside subsiding homes, the human toll of construction defects goes beyond the legal arguments. All share the trauma of pulled foundations or leaky roofs giving way to panic about making ends meet should the suit fail. These emotional accounts stand as painful reminders about the disparity in risk between giant corporate home builders and vulnerable individual buyers trusting in their products.

A Trail of Legal Tangled Vines:

  • Plaintiffs allege long paper trail of quality control reports flagging deficiencies
  • Great Western executives said to have still signed off on broad cost cutting measures
  • Insider leaks indicate systemic issues dismissed to maintain rapid construction pace
  • Plaintiffs legal team conducting extensive discovery investigations, expect mountain of evidence

The Fallout: Justice Sought, Reputation Tarnished:

Regardless the ultimate findings by courts, the bursting scandal promises lasting impacts for builder and home buyers alike. Great Western now faces reputation damage in the eyes of weary customers even if defending against charges. And should evidence clearly display pattern of prioritizing profits over quality, fiscal damages through plaintiff settlements or awards could reach billions.

The Fallout: Justice Sought, Reputation Tarnished:

For victims stuck with defective properties, the suit provides hope for restitution yet still uncertainty for those left vulnerable by construction negligence. They seek accountability and resources to begin rebuilding dreams callously compromised from the start.

A Call for Change:

The troubling allegations emerging against trusted industry giant Great Western Buildings have sounded alarm bells on the potential need for enhanced residential construction oversight nationally. Lax regulations failed to protect scores of buyers from preventable builder cut corners. In response, the suit and its fallout should spur discussion around measures improving transparency, accountability and recourse.

Because everyone deserves peace of mind that the roof over their head is sound. Brick by faulty brick, this case aims to pave progress.

Lessons Learned

The massive class action lawsuit brought against leading home builder Great Western Buildings stands poised to deliver important takeaways regardless of an ultimate plaintiff victory or settlement. For impacted homeowners, it has already shone a light on the towering imbalance of power that enables corporate deception around dangerously defective properties while leaving individuals little recourse absent legal intervention.

Lessons Learned Western Buildings

Additionally, the case has made clear the critical value of collective action for exposing systemic negligence and achieving a measure of leverage to demand transparency from powerful institutions otherwise insulated from responsibility for their failings.


The final outcome stands uncertain regarding legal culpability as Great Western Buildings vigorously contests accusations of broad negligence and fraud in constructing thousands of now distressed residential properties. Yet regardless the ultimate ruling, the tremors from homeowners’ allegations have laid bare profound deficiencies whether confined to a single company or suggestive of industry shortcomings at large hampering accountability.

Perhaps above all, the case reflects gross imbalances allowing innocent dreams of families across so many communities to crack and crumble at the foundation. Its legacy will be measured in repairs made to the physical structures compromised and preventing the next generation from such instability dwelling in the spaces they should feel most secure. Because everyone deserves the peace of mind that home means built strongly to last.


What are the key allegations against Great Western Buildings?

Homeowners assert Great Western knew about pervasive structural issues stemming from negligence but hid defects from unsuspecting buyers who now face disastrousrepair costs.

What damages are the plaintiffs seeking through the lawsuit?

The class action suit seeks full financial restitution for homeowners for needed fixes or buyouts plus additional punitive damages from Great Western for intentional deception.

How has Great Western Buildings responded to the building lawsuit?

Great Western has vigorously denied all claims within the lawsuit, arguing isolated incidents are twisting allegations but that the company remains committed to supporting any affected homeowners.

What are the possible implications moving forward?

The case may lead to sweeping damages against Great Western if systemic failings are proven or spark wider probes into construction oversight failures if homeowners are found misleading.

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