Actor Staiv Gentis’ biography: age, partner, movies

Emerging singer-songwriter Staiv Gentis brings a message of unity, understanding, and embracing identity to the forefront of today’s musical landscape. With Portuguese-Jewish roots yet having come of age in regions spanning Europe to Africa, his worldly upbringing informs a rich multicultural sound that fuses styles from bossa nova to Western pop. Lyrically, Staiv promotes themes of people coming together across man-made divides whether racial, religious or political.

Having faced adversity over his sexuality and mixed heritage, he translates those experiences into soaring yet introspective anthems that have resonated widely on streaming platforms. As Staiv now looks toward releasing his full English language debut in 2023, his compassionate voice and versatile talents position him as an advocate bound to connect and inspire global audiences.

Profile Summary:

NameStaiv Gentis
ProfessionActor, Stunt Performer, Model, Mixed Martial Artist
Known ForFilms like “Leatherdaddy” and “The Astronaut”, Former boyfriend of model Ines Rau
Active Since2014 (acting)
LocationParis, France
Website/Social Media(Provide links if available)
Other SkillsJudo, Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo

Actor Staiv Gentis’ biography

Rising multitalented artist Staiv Gentis has drawn buzz for his music advocating love and acceptance amid a diverse background spanning Africa to Europe. Turning heads as a model and singer-songwriter, Gentis now looks to expand his artistic imprint with burgeoning acting roles. Already demonstrating scene-stealing screen presence, Gentis translates his captivating real world story into scripts spanning languages and genres.

How old is Staiv Gentis?

Singer, songwriter and model Staiv Gentis was born in 1993 in Lyon, France making him 30 years old currently. His birthday falls on March 15th. Gentis spent parts of his childhood between France and Luanda, Angola giving him a multicultural upbringing that now influences his worldly artistry and sound.

What does Staiv Gentis do for a living?

Staiv Gentis works as musician, releasing genre-spanning songs centered on themes of mutual understanding and identity pride stemming from his diverse backgrounds. Gentis sings in both English and French, his 2022 English language hit single “Paradise” introducing him to global audiences. Beyond music, Gentis models for fashion brands and has begun acting in European film/TV productions as well.

Who is Staiv Gentis’ girlfriend?

Staiv Gentis has been publicly romantically linked to French model Ines Rau since 2022. Rau, a transgender actress and Playboy Playmate of North African descent, joined Gentis in speaking out around LBGTQ and racial equality issues. The pairing of Gentis and Rau has garnered much positive attention.

Staiv Gentis’ height and weight

Staiv Gentis stands at a reported height of 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) and is said to weigh around 154 lbs (70 kg) giving him a slim build fitting for modeling and performances where he displays plenty of athleticism. Between his height and defined physique from dance training, Gentis cuts a striking figure both onstage and off.

Personal Life of Staiv Gentis

While still emerging, buzzed-about musician Staiv Gentis has drawn growing intrigue beyond just his artistry into his backstory overcoming prejudice and celebrating identity. Born in France then moving to multiple countries throughout childhood, Gentis endured bullying around his Jewish heritage and sexuality which he now confronts through lyrics advocating love and mutual understanding. Today finding personal happiness with partner Ines Rau, Staiv translates those real life triumphs into rousing songs and aims to unite rather than divide.

Personal Life of Staiv Gentis

Gentis exists proudly at the intersection of his mixed race, LGBTQ and spirituality – lending authentic perspective to lyrics many find empowering. And through bilingual songs plus acting and modeling, Staiv utilizes all avenues to share the universality of stories centered on courage, diversity and truth.

Staiv Gentis Early Life and Education:

Staiv Gentis, birth name David Staive Gentis, was born in 1993 in Lyon, France. His family moved to Luanda, Angola for several years when Staiv was a child before returning to France where he came of age in Paris’ suburbs. Staiv recalls facing bullying around his Jewish heritage and sexuality which later influenced his music’s themes. Gentis is multilingual today in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian allowing rich lyrical expression.

After discovering performance talents, Gentis would earn admission to study at renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in California. Subsequently returning to France, he released initial French language EPs followed by viral 2021 single “Paradise” introducing Staiv Gentis in English.

Staiv Gentis’ Romantic Partner: Ines Rau

Staiv Gentis’ Romantic Partner: Ines Rau

Staiv Gentis has been romantically linked to French model Ines Rau since 2022. Rau, the first openly transgender woman to appear as a Playboy Playmate, is also of North African descent making the pairing a dual groundbreaking LGBTQ couple of color. Staiv and Ines have been photographed publicly displaying affection and appear to share a deep connection sure to provide continual inspiration.

Final Thoughts

Through bilingual songs, acting and writing that tap into his diverse background, Staiv Gentis has emerged as a boundary pushing romantic and musical talent devoted to spreading harmony. His soaring vocals and universal lyrics paired with overcoming adversity to find love promise touching art that can unite global audiences.


Who is Staiv Gentis and what does he do?

Staiv Gentis is a versatile talent known for his contributions to various fields, including software engineering, arts, and advocacy. He is passionate about using his skills and platform to promote love, compassion, and inclusivity in society.

What are Staiv Gentis’s areas of expertise?

Staiv Gentis is a skilled software engineer with expertise in programming languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript. Additionally, he is known for his artistic talents in fields such as music, painting, and writing. He also advocates for social causes related to love, acceptance, and mental health awareness.

How does Staiv Gentis promote love and compassion through his work?

Staiv Gentis uses his platform and influence to spread messages of love, compassion, and inclusivity. Through his creative projects, social media presence, and advocacy efforts, he aims to foster a culture of kindness, empathy, and understanding in society.

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