Tulsa King Season 2: Confirmation & Everything We Know

Tulsa King’s triumph has generated eager anticipation for its second season, yet Paramount has been relatively tight-lipped on the updates.

A noteworthy creative overhaul in the show’s development suggests that certain elements of Season 2 are still in the works, potentially contributing to delays in production.

The lingering questions from the Season 1 cliffhanger only intensify the anticipation, and fans can rest assured that the original cast is slated to make a return for the highly awaited Season 2.

Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan continues his winning streak with his latest venture, the cowboy/mafia drama Tulsa King. The series revolves around Dwight (played by Sylvester Stallone), a mobster forced into exile in Tulsa, Oklahoma, following an extensive prison term. 

Determined to carve out his own empire, Dwight assembles an eclectic group of misfits in his quest to dominate Tulsa. Amidst the show’s triumph, heightened excitement surrounds the impending second season, intensified by Paramount’s deliberate release of minimal Tulsa King Season 2 details.

Despite initial hopes for a favorable resolution, the season finale concluded with a suspenseful twist. Dwight finds himself apprehended by the ATF/FBI, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. The last scene of Tulsa King Season 1 portrays Dwight’s daughter, Tina (portrayed by Tatiana Zappardino), reliving the traumas of her childhood as she witnesses her father’s departure in handcuffs, leaving numerous unresolved questions in the air.

On a positive note, Paramount+ has officially greenlit a second season for Tulsa King, offering eager audiences a glimmer of hope. Here’s a roundup of the latest Tulsa King Season 2 updates that may have slipped under the radar.

Tulsa King Season 2: Latest News

A Creative Shakeup Behind The Scenes

While numerous details surrounding the forthcoming season remain shrouded in mystery, the latest development unveils the return of the original showrunner for Tulsa King Season 2. Terence Winter, who departed the series after Season 1, has been rehired in a different capacity. 

Although he will continue to contribute as a writer for the upcoming season, Winter will no longer don the hat of showrunner. Instead, creator Taylor Sheridan has chosen to keep the showrunner position vacant, opting for a more hands-on involvement with his latest triumph.

This revelation implies that several creative aspects of Tulsa King Season 2 are still in flux, suggesting that production may be some distance away. Despite the immediate success of the show, it has encountered delays, hindering the swift release of a second season to meet the growing demand.

Tulsa King season 1 began airing in December 2022.

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Tulsa King Season 2 Has Been Renewed

Tulsa King Season 2 Has Been Renewed

More Episodes Are On The Way

Tulsa King wasted no time securing its fate, earning a swift renewal shortly after the initial three episodes graced the screen. Surpassing the success of any Paramount+ production since 1923, the Yellowstone spin-off made an indelible mark, especially given the impressive turnout of new subscribers for its premiere episode.

Tulsa King Season 2 Cast

Who Will Return For Season 2?

Bolstered by this triumph and the resilience of the majority of the Tulsa King cast through the climactic events of the first season, expectations run high for a seamless return of all key players in the upcoming season. Among them is none other than Sylvester Stallone, reprising his role as Dwight “The General” Manfredi, ensuring fans can anticipate another thrilling chapter in the Tulsa King saga.

ActorTulsa King Role
Andrea SavageStacy Beale
Jay WillTyson
Martin StarrBodhi
Max CasellaArmand Truisi
Dana DelaneyMargaret
Domenick LombardozziDon Charle “Chickie” Ivernizzi

Tulsa King Season 2 Story Details

Tulsa King Season 2 Story Details

Season 1 Ended On A Massive Cliffhanger

Dwight and his crew triumphed over a rival biker gang led by the local kingpin Waltrip (Ritchie Coster) in a decisive victory. However, despite this success, Dwight finds himself surrounded by lingering adversaries. 

In an unexpected twist, Stacy Beale, Dwight’s love interest throughout the first season, betrayed him, resulting in his arrest during the finale. But Stacy is not the sole threat to Dwight; Chickie, the newly appointed head of the Invernizzi family, is scheming revenge after Dwight’s bold confrontation in the finale.

The Questions Tulsa King Season 2 Can Answer

Dwight’s Story Is Far From Over After Season 1

As Tulsa King season 2 unfolds, numerous pressing questions arise in the aftermath of the first season’s conclusion. Foremost among them is the uncertain fate of Dwight after his arrest. This predicament also casts a shadow over his relationship with Stacy

Despite her willingness to defy norms and jeopardize her career for him, she ultimately turned against Dwight. The looming uncertainty begs the question: will they attempt to revive their romance, or has enmity replaced their once-affectionate connection?

Another pivotal inquiry centers around the identity of the new antagonist in season 2. Caolan Waltrip served as a fittingly loathsome and ruthless adversary for Dwight, yet Dwight and his allies swiftly dispatched him. 

Chickie emerges as a probable successor to the role of the primary threat, having eliminated his own father to seize control of the family enterprise. Although Dwight successfully confronted Chickie before, the lingering resentment suggests that Chickie is poised to seek retribution and dismantle everything Dwight painstakingly built in Tulsa King season 2.

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