Try That In A Small Town

“Try That In a Small Town” is a country song performed by American singer Jason Aldean. Since emerging in the early 2000s, Jason Aldean has become one of the biggest stars of country music, blending sounds of rock, R&B, and hip-hop into his traditional country foundations. His albums have sold over 18 million copies and generated 23 number one singles.

Released in 2022 on Aldean’s tenth studio album Georgia, Try That In a Small Town embraces a message about the tight-knit communities and moral standards of rural small town living.

The lyrics contrast the experience of living in a small town versus a big city. They suggest small towns have a sense of community where everyone knows each other and keeps tabs on what’s going on. In a small town, you quickly develop a reputation based on how you treat people and the choices you make. The song implies it’s harder to get away with dishonest, irresponsible, or inappropriate behavior when the whole town is watching.

In the first verse, Aldean sings about coming from a small town where “everybody knows everybody.” This establishes the interconnectedness of small town life where residents are familiar with each other’s lives and business.

He implies that in such an environment, “you can’t get away with nothing” and word would travel fast about any misbehavior. There are references to vandalism like “knocking down a mailbox” and petty crimes like stealing candy bars, suggesting these acts wouldn’t go unnoticed or undisciplined in a small town setting.

The pre-chorus addresses someone thinking they can come into this small town and Flagrantly disregard rules and morality. Aldean challenges them to “try that in a small town” and see how it turns out. This leads into the chorus, which warns sternly about the consequences of provoking the loyalty and protectiveness ingrained in small communities.

The chorus suggests that aggressive or unlawful acts will be met with a strong response, singing “around here, we take care of our own, you cross that line it won’t take long.” There is a clear message that outsiders can’t just come into small towns and flout the established values without facing the solidarity and defensiveness of the town.

In the second verse, Aldean gives more examples of misbehavior that would purportedly face swift discipline in a small town context, from petty vandalism to more serious crimes. He sings about cussing at a cop, stomping on the flag, pulling a gun at a store, and “acting a fool” as if those things make you admirable or imposing.

The implication is someone arrogant thinks they can loudly break the rules and disrespect law enforcement and patriotic symbols. But Aldean stresses this type of rabble-rousing won’t intimidate or impress people in a small town, where respect for authority and patriotism often run deep.

The second chorus reiterates that trying to stir up trouble or violate norms will only isolate you when the town bands together. The outsider in question is warned “I recommend you don’t try that in a small town” because of the close communal ties. The final verse continues with a defiant tone about small towns protecting their way of life, alluding to gun rights and rejecting government overreach.

Aldean sings “they say one day they’re gonna round up, well that sh*t might fly in the city, good luck.” This seems to critique urban cities allowing restrictions on rights like firearm ownership, while positioning small towns as bastions of independence from government interference.

Overall, “Try That In a Small Town” carries an overriding message about the resilience of small town values when confronted by disruptive outsider forces. Aldean portrays small towns as tight-knit communities that band together to defend their moral standards and patriotic ideals against any who try to stir up trouble or violate established codes of behavior.

There is a clear warning that provocation of small towns tends to be met with solidarity and resistance from the locals. While recognizing that small towns lack the anonymity of big cities, the lyrics ultimately portray that close-knit community identity positively as a source of mutual loyalty and protection.

Stylistically, the song has a predominantly country sound led by acoustic guitar rhythms and banjo accents. Aldean’s southern drawl gives authenticity to the small town tribute as he scolds against underestimating rural America. The chorus has an anthemic escalation, matching the defiant message of small towns joining together when challenged.

While blended with bits of rock and hip-hop, the song’s core country style aligns with the traditional heartland values depicted in the lyrics. This allows “Try That In a Small Town” to build on Aldean’s signature sound while incorporating his Georgia roots and appreciation for the enduring bonds of rural small town life.

The accompanying music video shows Aldean performing in a rural farm setting interspersed with scenes of small town residents banding together to remove troublemakers from their community. It opens on a shot of a water tower with the town’s name, representing that symbolic pillar of the community. As Aldean sings the verses referencing misdeeds, we see a troublemaker litter, tag graffiti, steal gas, and get confronted each time by the disapproving townspeople.

In the chorus, groups of rural folks come together to seize the man causing problems and drive him out of town. There are also clips showing patriotic parades, bonfires, and social gatherings that depict the community connection. The video brings the song’s narrative to life visually, showing the solidarity and protectiveness of small towns through these evocative images.

“Try That In a Small Town” garnered a positive reception, reaching #11 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Critics praised the song’s attitude in standing up for the values of small town life. Taste of Country remarked that the song felt “custom-made for Jason Aldean capturing his bold spirit. Country Now lauded the “rowdy country pride” of the anthem.

Overall, “Try That In a Small Town” delivered a hit single that appealed to Aldean’s fanbase and rural listeners who identified with the themes of communal loyalty found in small country towns.

Beyond its commercial success, “Try That In a Small Town” stands out as part of the heartland rock influence on Aldean’s music mixing country attitudes with hard rock hooks. Songs like “Hicktown” and “Fly Over States” similarly pay tribute to rural working class towns often overlooked. But this particular song resonates for taking a defensive stance on preserving the moral foundations and patriotic principles ingrained in so many small communities.

Aldean gives voice to the pride and solidarity of rural America against the dismissiveness and contempt that regions like the South sometimes face from outsiders. For country fans and small town residents alike, “Try That In a Small Town” became an empowering anthem about the resilient bonds formed in rural communities when their ways of life feel disrespected or challenged. With his hard-edged yet nostalgic take on small town living, Jason Aldean continues redefining 21st century country music while still honoring the traditional values of its bedrock fans.

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