The Moon Phase Compatibility and the Moon Phase Calculator

Finding compatibility with a romantic partner often involves looking to the stars. Astrological aspects between zodiac signs provide insight into the dynamics of a relationship. However, looking beyond sun signs to moon phases can give an even deeper understanding of alignment. 

The moon phase you were born under influences your emotions, habits, and innate nature. Just as every full moon has its own magic, each moon phase is associated with unique personality traits and modes of relating. Determining moon phase compatibility with a partner through the use of a moon phase calculator can reveal the hidden rhythms that may attract or repel you.

Moon Phase Calculator

To determine your moon phase and that of a partner, date of birth is needed. An astrological moon phase calculator will take the date and location of birth to precisely calculate what phase the moon was in at that time. Online moon phase calculators provide instant results with just a few clicks. 

Once you enter your birth information and that of your partner into the moon phase calculator, you will be shown the exact moon phase each of you were born under  for example, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Crescent, etc. Comparing your moon phases reveals the level of compatibility and rhythm between your innate dispositions.

What is Moon Phase Compatibility?

Like planets in astrological signs, moon phases have correlated meanings and influences:

  • New Moon – beginnings, fresh starts
  • Waxing Crescent – taking action, momentum building 
  • First Quarter – challenge, crisis
  • Waxing Gibbous – refinement, progress
  • Full Moon – culmination, fulfillment 
  • Waning Gibbous – evaluation, adjustment 
  • Last Quarter – reorientation, realignment
  • Waning Crescent – winding down, completion

The moon phase you were born under colors your personality and patterns of growth. When in a relationship, compatibility is often a matter of being in sync with these ingrained rhythms. 

Being born under moon phases that align well can allow you to ride the crests and troughs together. Mismatched moon phases may clash and require compromise to maintain harmony. Gaining insight into these lunar influences through moon phase compatibility charts enables more conscious relationships.

The Moon Phase Compatibility Chart

The Moon Phase Compatibility Chart

Here is an overview of the core personality traits and relationship dynamics associated with the main moon phases:

New Moon

  • Traits: Beginnings, fresh starts, innocence, faith 
  • In a Relationship: May idealize love. Jealous and possessive but devoted once committed. Can be emotionally needy.

First Quarter Moon 

  • Traits: Action-oriented, competitive, defensive, combative
  • In a Relationship: Initially defiant of partner. Compromise allows growth. Can be argumentative but values fairness.

Full Moon

  • Traits: Passion, intensity, extremes, culmination 
  • In a Relationship: Thrives on intimacy and feeling alive. Loves extravagantly, emotionally complex. May stir up drama.

Last Quarter Moon

  • Traits: Transition, reflection, flexibility, completion
  • In a Relationship: Adaptable and easy-going. Calm in face of change. Supportive partner who provides stability.

As seen, each moon phase corresponds with key personality traits and relationship dynamics. While general patterns exist, factors like sign and house placement also matter. Nonetheless, knowing these core compatibilities provides a helpful guide.

Moon Phase Compatibility in Relationships 

Let’s explore how matched and mismatched moon phases may play out in romantic relationships:

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New Moon Lovers

Two new moon natives feel an instant bond, like innocent soulmates reunited. But their shadow selves may also emerge – jealousy, possessiveness, neediness. Positively, they can support each other’s fresh starts.

First Quarter Moon Partners 

These independent spirits clash horns initially. But with work, they respect each other and enjoy friendly competition. They must cooperate lest constant power struggles strain the relationship.

Full Moon Romantics

Full of passion, these larger-than-life lovers nurture creativity in each other. But their extreme emotions may burn hot then cold. Communication is key to avoiding destructive drama.

Last Quarter Moon Companions

Change comes easily to these adaptable, easy-going partners. They provide a safe haven for each other when life gets tough. However, boredom can set in if the spark is not nurtured.

As we’ve seen, matching and mismatching moon phases have their unique effects in romantic relationships. Gaining awareness minimizes pitfalls and allows playing to the strengths each phase brings.

Checking Your Moon Phase Compatibility with the MOON PHASE CALCULATOR

Using the moon phase calculator allows you to discover your lunar compatibility with a partner – or even friends or family. Begin by determining your moon phase and that of the other person using your exact birth date, time and location. 

Next, consult a moon phase compatibility chart to see how your two moon phases interact. Do your phases align or clash? What strengths and challenges does the combination indicate? Finally, reflect on how the descriptions resonate with your actual dynamic with that person.

Gaining insight into moon phase compatibility empowers more conscious relationships that flex with natural rhythms, rather than resist them.

Now, let’s tackle a few frequently asked questions regarding the alignment of moon phases with the MOON PHASE CALCULATOR

Which moon phases are compatible?

The new moon, first quarter moon, full moon and last quarter moon are the four primary moon phases which determine compatibility. These align with starting out, facing challenges, passionate romance, and transitions.

What are soulmates with moon phases?

Partners of the same moon phase can understand each other seamlessly. But too much similarity can also lead to emotional blindness spots. A square moon phase pairing like new and last quarter can provide balance.

Does moon phase compatibility matter?

Moon phase compatibility matters, but it is not the only factor. Zodiac signs, houses, angles and planetary placements must also be considered for a full astrological picture.

Are you compatible if you have the same moon phase?

Yes, you can have deep compatibility with someone of the same moon phase. The inherent understanding can make the relationship harmonious. But boredom can set in if you don’t nurture growth.

What moon phase is lucky?

The full moon is often considered the luckiest moon phase, associated with abundance, manifestation, and love. The new moon also brings its own luck in terms of planting seeds and starting fresh.

What moon phase is twin flames?

The twin flame or soulmate connection is not limited to any one moon phase. A diversity of moon placements with harmonious aspects can indicate a divinely ordained union.

What moon is good for love?

For love, the full moon’s passionate energy is well known. The new moon also invokes new romance and the last quarter moon facilitatesStable unions.

What is a weak moon in astrology?

In astrology, a weak moon placement is one where the moon is in Fall or Detriment by sign. It can also refer to challenging aspects with Saturn, Pluto or the South Node.

What is the best moon phase for growth?

The waxing moon phases – new, crescent, first quarter and gibbous – are considered most favorable for growth, expansion and cultivating new skills & habits.



The moon phase calculator is a valuable tool for revealing your innate rhythms and compatibility patterns you may not be consciously aware of. Here are some key ways to utilize this resource:

  • Calculate your moon phase and learn about how it colors your personality, emotions, and growth cycles. Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Calculate the moon phases of close connections – romantic partners, friends, family members. Analyze your moon phase compatibility for insight.
  • Time key events like first dates, weddings, starting a business, or any new endeavor to align with harmonious lunar phases. 
  • Track the moon’s phases. Identify any patterns or synchronicities between moon cycles and your relationships or activities.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the moon’s astrological influence enables aligning your life journey to the cosmic rhythms that govern us all.

Enhancing Your Knowledge with External Resources

Calculating your moon phase compatibility is a starting point for delving deeper. Expand your lunar wisdom through these valuable resources:

  • Astrology books and blogs detailing moon phase meanings and relationship compatibility 
  • Moon phase calendars and diaries to track moon cycles and your experiences
  • Astrologers who can analyze your complete natal chart, including moon placement
  • Astronomy apps showing current & upcoming moon phases 
  • Moon ritual guides for harnessing lunar energy intentionally

The moon’s magic has enthralled humanity since ancient times. Applied insight into moon phases continues to offer guidance for navigating the tides of relationships and self-understanding today.

Final Thoughts

The celestial cycles of the moon provide an enlightening mirror that reflects our relational patterns back to us. Through knowledge of our moon phase and those we connect deeply with, we gain wisdom to love and communicate more consciously. 

Honoring natural lunar rhythms allows us to align with hidden forces greater than our individual egos. Just as the moon traverses endless cycles of death and rebirth, by attuning ourselves to its phases, we initiate growth, fulfillment, and regeneration in ourselves and our relationships.

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