How Much Does It Cost To Wrap A Car Matte Black?

Wrapping your car in matte black vinyl can give it a sleek, modern look, but how much does it actually cost? The price to wrap a car matte black depends on several factors, including the size of the vehicle, the complexity of the design, and your location.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for a full matte black car wrap. High-end sports cars and SUVs will be on the more expensive end of that range due to their larger surface area. The vinyl itself is affordable, but the labor is where the costs add up. 

Most professional wrap shops charge by the hour for the installation process, which can take 20 hours or more to fully wrap a vehicle. When choosing a shop, look for experienced technicians who specialize in matte finishes to ensure a smooth, bubble-free application. With proper care and maintenance, a matte black wrap can last 5-7 years on your car before needing replacement.

The Allure of Matte Black

The Allure of Matte Black
The Allure of Matte Black

Matte black car wraps have become an increasingly popular way to give a vehicle a unique, eye-catching look. The deep, non-reflective finish provides a stealthy and mysterious aesthetic that draws attention on the road. 

A matte black wrap can make a car appear more aggressive and sporty, while also masking swirls and imperfections in the paint. For many, a matte black car evokes sensations of power and sophistication.

The Price for Matte Black Magic

While a matte black wrap can provide serious visual impact, it often comes at a significant price. The material and meticulous installation required for matte wraps pushes costs higher than gloss finishes. Tight margins for error also mean installers charge more per hour for their specialized work. 

Yet for enthusiasts seeking the cutting-edge matte look, the thousands spent on a wrap can be worth it for the excitement of having a head-turning vehicle. The price buys more than just a wrap – it purchases an elite, show-stopping appearance.

Calculating Matte Vinyl Expenses

Calculating Matte Vinyl Expenses
Calculating Matte Vinyl Expenses

The cost of a matte black wrap includes more than just the vinyl material. Professional installation is necessary to avoid bubbles and achieve an even finish, so labor hours must be factored in. Larger vehicles require more material and time to wrap, increasing expenses. 

Maintenance and replacement costs for wraps that degrade over 5-7 years of use should also be considered. But for drivers in search of an eye-catching aesthetic, the added costs associated with matte black wraps deliver a breathtaking way to customize a car.

Factors Influencing Wrap Costs

Factors Influencing Wrap Costs
Factors Influencing Wrap Costs

Factor 1: Vehicle Size

The larger the vehicle, the more vinyl material required for the wrap job, which significantly increases overall costs. Trucks, vans, and SUVs have much higher wrapping costs than smaller sedans because their large surface area requires more material. Exotic or luxury vehicles also cost more regardless of size due to intricacies.

Factor 2: Curves and Contours

The complexity of a vehicle’s body lines, contours, curved surfaces, and other unique design elements will impact wrap costs. More intricate designs require specialized wrapping techniques and much more time to properly stretch and apply the vinyl, increasing labor expenses. Simple, smooth vehicle surfaces are the cheapest to wrap.

Factor 3: Vehicle Condition

Any existing dents, scratches, paint imperfections or body damage on the vehicle must be fixed and leveled out prior to wrapping, which adds preparation time and material costs. Vehicles in pristine condition provide an ideal, smooth canvas for wraps, reducing expenses.

Factor 4: Age of the Vehicle

Older vehicles are more likely to have minor paint flaws and body damage that must be addressed before wrapping, costing extra prep time and materials. Newer cars provide a perfectly smooth, blank wrapping surface, saving money.

Factor 5: Coverage Type

Full wraps that cover the entire vehicle with vinyl are more expensive than partial wraps of select sections like hoods, roofs, or trunks due to significantly greater material needs. Complete coverage wraps also take much longer to install.

Factor 6: Vehicle Type

Larger vehicles like trucks, vans and SUVs have much higher wrap costs than smaller coupes and sedans due to greater surface area coverage. Exotic car wraps also cost more regardless of size.

Factor 7: Personal vs. Commercial Use

Elaborate commercial wraps with intricate designs, graphics/logos require expensive premium vinyls and greater design expertise, increasing costs over simple personal wraps.

Factor 8: Professional vs. DIY

DIY wraps only require purchasing materials, while professional installs add significant labor and expertise costs but deliver far superior quality and durability.

How Long Does a Matte Black Car Wrap Last?

How Long Does a Matte Black Car Wrap Last?
How Long Does a Matte Black Car Wrap Last?

A matte black car wrap can last anywhere from 5 to 7 years if properly cared for and maintained. The longevity of a wrap depends on several factors. The quality of the vinyl used is important – higher end vinyls last longer than cheap materials. 

Professional installation also makes a difference, as an expert wrap shop will take steps to minimize air bubbles and ensure strong adhesion to the vehicle surface. Daily driving conditions impact durability too. Wraps hold up better on cars garaged indoors rather than left outside exposed to the elements year-round. 

Frequent washing is recommended using specialized vinyl cleaners to avoid buildup and staining over time. Avoid automatic car washes. Vinyls do slowly degrade from sun exposure and need replaced eventually. 

But with high quality materials, expert application, and proper maintenance, you can expect a pristine matte black wrap to maintain its sleek, flawless look for 5 to 7 years before needing redone. The cost is worth it for the head-turning curb appeal.

Comprehensive Maintenance Guide for Matte Black Car Wraps

Comprehensive Maintenance Guide for Matte Black Car Wraps
Comprehensive Maintenance Guide for Matte Black Car Wraps

Matte black car wraps can transform the look of your vehicle with their deep, sleek aesthetic. However, they require special care and maintenance to keep them looking flawless. Follow this guide to get the maximum durability and longevity out of a matte black wrap.

1. Regular Washing

Use a grit-free mitt with a mild vinyl soap solution to gently wash the wrap weekly and minimize any dust buildup that can be abrasive. Ensure thorough drying afterwards with microfiber towels.

2. Sun Protection

Park the wrapped vehicle in covered areas and apply sun reflective windshield screens when possible to minimize UV exposure, which causes fading. Consider getting clear bra paint protection film.

3. Avoid Polishing and Waxing

Do not use waxes, sealants or polishes not designed for matte finishes – they leave glossy residues. Use matte-specific vinyl cleaners instead. Clay barring also safely removes contaminants.

4. Swift Contaminant Removal

Immediately clean off any sap, bird droppings, road debris, or chemical spills to prevent staining and damage to the wrap. A heat gun can help loosen stuck-on contaminants.

5. Gentle Cleaning

Clean the wrap gently with microfiber towels and avoid any abrasive scrubbing. Rinse off loose dirt before washing to avoid scratching. Be extra gentle around edges and seams.

6. Optimal Shelter

Store the wrapped car indoors or under a cover when possible. Minimize external environmental exposure to all elements including sun, sap, snow, and more to prolong wrap life.

7. Road Hazards

Drive carefully around debris, bushes, and low-hanging items that could scratch or puncture the vinyl. Apply protective clear bra film on impacted areas.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does a matte black car wrap last?

A matte black car wrap can last 5-7 years with proper care.

Does a matte black wrap protect my paint?

Yes, vinyl wraps add a protective barrier against scratches and sun damage.

Can I wrap a car myself or do I need a shop?

Professional installation is recommended for best results, but DIY is possible.

Does matte black show swirls and scratches easily?

Yes, matte finishes require gentle cleaning to avoid marring the surface.

Is it cheaper to paint or wrap a car matte black?

Wrapping is less expensive than a premium matte paint job.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping your car in sleek matte black vinyl can transform the vehicle’s look into something fierce and eye-catching. But this customized appearance does come at a significant price. The cost to professionally wrap an average sized sedan or coupe can range from $2,000 to $5,000 for complete coverage. 

Larger trucks or SUVs will be at the higher end of that scale. The vinyl wrap material itself is relatively affordable, but the labor intensive installation process is what really drives up the expense. Skilled wrap technicians charge over $50 per hour for their services, with complex wraps requiring 20 hours or more of precise work. 

Add in additional costs for preparation and design, and the price tag rises quickly. For those set on the modern matte black aesthetic, the thousands spent can be worth it for a head-turning daily driver. But buyers should carefully weigh if the cost fits their budget versus lower commitment options like plasti-dip or matte car paint. 


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