Ford F-150 Bolt Pattern

If you’re contemplating tackling a DIY tire rotation for your Ford F-150 or exploring options for custom wheels, understanding the F-150 bolt pattern is crucial. While many wheels are universal, not all are a perfect match for your truck. 

Luckily, the knowledgeable service team at Sam Leman Ford in Bloomington has put together this F-150 lug pattern guide to ensure you select the ideal wheels for your vehicle. How many lugs does a Ford F-150 have? Let’s find out.

What is the F-150 Bolt Pattern?

The intricate dance of the F-150’s lug pattern revolves around the hub bore at the heart of its wheel. When embarking on the journey of wheel replacement, it’s paramount to ensure a harmonious bolt pattern match for your vehicle. 

Thankfully, from the year 2004 to the present day, the F-150’s bolt pattern remains steadfast and unchanging, alleviating the need for exhaustive searches through tire shops in the Normal area. So, you might wonder, how many lugs adorn the majestic Ford F-150? Delve into the realm of wheel specifications, and you’ll uncover the following details:

  • F-150 Bolt Pattern: 6×135
  • Stock Wheel Offset: -44 to 44 mm
  • Custom Offset Range: -76 to 44 mm
  • Center Hub Bore: 87.1
  • Thread Size: M14x1.5
  • Stock Wheel Sizes: 17×7.5 – 24×12.0
  • Custom Wheel Sizes: 17×10.0 – 24×9.5
  • Tire Sizes: 245/70 R17 – 285/35 R24

In this realm of wheel dimensions, compatibility is king, and with these specs in hand, your journey to finding the perfect fit for your Ford F-150 becomes an expedition of ease and assurance.

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Ford F-150 Lug Pattern by Year:

Ford F-150 Lug Pattern by Year

Delve into the realm of Ford F-150 trucks, and you’ll naturally ponder over their lug patterns, especially pre-2004 models. Here’s a breakdown of the Ford F-150 lug patterns throughout the years:

Year RangeF 150 Lug Pattern
1981-19865×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1987-19915×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1992-19965×5.50″ (5×139.7mm)
1997-20035×5.31” (5×135mm)
2004-20086×5.31″ (6×135mm)
2009-20146×5.31″ (6×135mm)
2015-20206×5.31″ (6×135mm)
2021-Present6×5.31″ (6×135mm)

Whether you’re cruising through the history or contemplating the present-day specs, the lug patterns of Ford F-150s have remained an intriguing aspect for enthusiasts and drivers alike.

More About the F-150 Bolt Pattern

Similar to the intricate design of a vehicle’s bolt pattern, the Ford F-150 bolt pattern signifies the diameter of an imagined circle encompassing the centers of the wheel lugs or bolt holes encircling the hub core. 

For those in the Decatur vicinity, various adapters are conveniently accessible at most auto parts and tire shops, facilitating the alteration of the F-150 lug pattern. At the Sam Leman Ford Parts Center, we stock a comprehensive array of components necessary for swapping out your F-150 wheels.

F-150 Bolt Pattern Torque Specifications

F-150 Bolt Pattern Torque Specifications

Ensuring the proper torque specifications are followed is crucial for the safe installation of your Ford F-150 wheels. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in premature wear, vibrations, or even wheel separation, posing significant risks.

For the Ford F-150, the recommended lug nut torque specifications are as follows:

  • For lugs with flanged nuts: 150 ft-lbs
  • For lugs with lug nuts: 100 ft-lbs for steel wheels, 85 ft-lbs for aluminum wheels

It’s imperative to use a calibrated torque wrench to achieve accurate tightening. After installation, it’s recommended to re-check the lug nut torque after driving the first 50 miles and periodically thereafter.

During tire rotations or wheel replacements, consult your owner’s manual for the prescribed torque specifications. This step is essential, especially considering the vibrations induced by drives, which can lead to lug nut loosening if not adequately secured. Additionally, after installing new wheels, it’s advisable to re-torque the lugs after traveling 50 to 100 miles for added safety.

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