China’s automobile industry has grown tremendously in recent decades. Chinese brands that were once unknown are now becoming major players in the global market. 

These automakers are producing affordable and increasingly sophisticated vehicles. For budget-conscious buyers, Chinese cars offer great value at very competitive prices.

While the quality and safety of Chinese cars used to be questionable, modern models meet high international standards. Many incorporate impressive technology and amenities usually only found in luxury brands. Chinese companies have invested heavily in design, performance, comfort and efficiency.

This overview covers ten of the most impressive yet cheapest new cars made and exported from China today. Ranging from small sedans and hatchbacks to family SUVs, these vehicles deliver reliability, fuel economy and features at accessible prices. 

Chinese cars once had a negative reputation, but these latest models prove the industry’s capabilities. For practical transportation on a budget, these top value picks show China’s automotive strength.

BAIC Senova D20 – $24,800 to $31,400

BAIC Senova D20
BAIC Senova D20

The BAIC Senova D20 compact sedan punches far above its low price point. Power comes from a responsive 1.5L turbocharged engine delivering smooth acceleration and quiet operation. Fuel economy is excellent thanks to the turbocharging and low weight. 

The interior feels downright luxurious with soft-touch materials, leather seats, and metallic trim accents. An advanced infotainment system and active safety features like automatic emergency braking come standard. While Chinese cars once had a cheap reputation, the impressively outfitted Senova D20 rivals international models costing far more.

Zotye Z100 – $10,000 (₦4.6 Million)

Zotye Z100
Zotye Z100

As one of the most affordable new cars worldwide, the tiny Zotye Z100 proves that Chinese manufacturing can deliver extreme value. Under the hood is a tiny 1.0L three-cylinder engine providing just 67 horsepower. But this peppy motor can propel the light hatchback to highway speeds while sipping gas. 

The interior is predictably spartan, with vinyl seats and manual roll-up windows. Yet essentials like air conditioning, Bluetooth stereo and power locks elevate the experience. While no speed demon, the Z100 excels at basic transportation on a micro budget.

Haima 1 – $9,700 (₦4.476 Million)


Tiny proportions make the Haima 1 a natural fit for crowded city driving. At just 106 inches long, it can fit in the tightest of spots. The 0.8L engine puts out a mere 51 horsepower. But this pint-sized motor sips fuel at a combined 50+ mpg. 

Inside, the cabin layout is surprisingly spacious for four passengers. Standard features consist of little more than a radio and air conditioning. But the ultra-low price makes these compromises worthwhile for basic urban mobility.

JAC J3 – $9,500 (₦4.384 Million)


This value-packed hatchback from Chinese maker JAC offers impressive refinement inside and out. Handsome exterior styling looks modern and upscale. Under the sculpted hood lies a responsive 1.5L four cylinder engine. 

Nicely supportive front seats and sound insulation keep the cabin quiet and comfortable on the road. Interior plastics are well-grained with minimal hard surfaces. 

The intuitive touchscreen infotainment and automatic climate control exceed expectations for the price. JAC’s commitment to quality makes the J3 feel like a real bargain.

Changan Benni – $9,000 (4.153 Million)


As an entry-level hatchback for first-time car buyers, the Changan Benni nails the basics. Performance is sprightly from the 1.3L four-cylinder, enhanced by a standard 5-speed manual gearbox. 

The steering and suspension provide confident handling that makes driving fun. Outside, the Benni’s sculpted lines give it a youthful, sporty look. Inside, seating space is a bit tight but the cabin layout is modern. With power windows, air conditioning, and a sound system, the Benni’s simple formula adds up to carefree mobility.

FAW V2 – $8,000 (3.692 Million)


Sometimes cheap and cheerful does the job, as proven by the ultra-affordable FAW V2. Its no-frills design focuses purely on bargain basics. The tiny 1.0L three-cylinder engine delivers only 61 horsepower but sips gas for excellent fuel mileage. 

Inside, hard plastics dominate but the cabin offers ample room front and rear. An old-school radio and manual climate controls keep costs down. While spartan, the V2’s brilliant price makes these tradeoffs irrelevant. For pure transportation at a rock-bottom price, it can’t be beat.

Lifan 320 – $7,142 (₦3.296 Million)

Lifan 320
Lifan 320

The well-equipped Lifan 320 sedan redefines expectations of a sub-$10k vehicle. Handsome exterior styling resembles more expensive rivals. Under the hood, a peppy 1.5L engine provides smooth, quiet power. 

Inside, niceties like leather seats, dual-zone climate control, and a touchscreen infotainment system seem downright luxurious. Thoughtful sound insulation keeps outside noise at bay. For this entry-level price bracket, the 320 feels downright upscale while providing reliable transportation.

BYD F0 – $6,700 (₦3.92 Million)


Sometimes going small makes sense, as demonstrated by the tiny BYD F0. Its 0.8L three-cylinder engine manages just 48 horsepower but achieves astonishing 65 mpg fuel mileage. 

The interior is utterly basic but surprisingly spacious for its miniature dimensions. With no luxury pretensions, the F0 simply provides good honest budget transportation. By keeping things small and simple, BYD delivers incredible value. 

The F0 proves that rock-bottom pricing and ultra-efficiency can harmoniously coexist.

Geely LC – $6,500 (₦2.99 Million)

The 7-seat Geely LC family crossover SUV makes a convincing case for Chinese value. Handsome exterior styling mimics pricier luxury SUVs. Cabin space is generous with room for adults in all three rows. 

The 1.5L four-cylinder engine packs decent punch while returning 30+ mpg. Equipment like touchscreen navigation and dual-zone climate control make the LC feel upscale. As Chinese automakers keep ramping up quality and value, the LC demonstrates parity with mainstream brands at a bargain price.

Chery QQ3 – $6,480 (₦3 Million)

Chery QQ3
Chery QQ3

Defying expectations, the tiny Chery QQ3 city car crams impressive luxury into its micro-sized package. The exterior exudes contemporary style with flowing lines. Inside, leather seats, faux wood trim and climate control seem downright decadent for the price tag. 

A 1.1L three-cylinder engine delivers excellent fuel economy to keep running costs low. While no highway cruiser, the QQ3 encapsulates an upscale experience in a charming miniature footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Chinese car brand is best?

Geely is often considered the best Chinese car brand, known for models like the Geely Atlas crossover SUV.

What is the most successful Chinese car?

The Wuling Hongguang mini EV has been China’s most successful car, with over 700,000 units sold since 2020.

What car brand is made in China?

Many car brands including Buick, Volkswagen and Ford manufacture models in China for the domestic market.

What is the best selling Chinese car brand?

SAIC-GM-Wuling has been China’s top-selling car brand for years, thanks to popular models like the Wuling Hongguang.

Final Thoughts

Concerns over Chinese car quality are now outdated thanks to massive industry improvements. These top ten models showcase how far Chinese automakers have come in engineering, design and amenities. 

While still oriented around value, these vehicles provide respectable quality and features at extremely accessible prices. For car buyers on tight budgets worldwide, Chinese brands offer strong contenders to better-known international competitors. 

The threshold of what’s achievable continues rising as China’s auto industry matures.

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